A new technique developed by Gary Ward, as seen on BBC1 ‘Doctor in the House’ in November 2015.

Use of cutting edge assessment techniques to assess movement patterns that are missing in the body and help direct the body to find balance and comfort. Assessment will be through video evaluation of the gait phases and static observation as well as taking a detailed case history. Use of our Footwork Pro pressure plate allows for detailed analysis of factors which may be keeping the body using inefficient patterns.

Most chronic pain experienced can be mapped to the gait cycle  (Flow Motion Model ™) and with thorough systematic evaluation we can restore lost function and allow the body to find balance.

Pain occurs when the body has been compensating for a loss of movement elsewhere and is rarely the primary cause of dysfunction.

Treatment will include personalised 3 dimensional exercises designed to allow the body to experience a more full range of motion and greater ease in movement. Where required, there will also be hands on treatment to aid in freeing joint and tissue restrictions.

The process relies on a series of exercises being performed at home in between appointments. These exercises have been specially selected to help retrain joints and muscles to move better.

Treatment takes the full body into account and all previous injury history. Often old injuries can influence recovery of newer conditions .

It is typical to have between 1-4 sessions to achieve the maximum benefit.


INITIAL ASSESSMENT £95     Assessment, treatment and home program 1 ½ hours

Includes Footwork Pro Scan

*please ensure that you have suitable clothing for assessment purposes. i.e..shorts/leggings, t shirt/vest

FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS £45-55  Review progress and change exercises  ¾-1 hour


Using detailed orthopaedic assessment and postural assessment to find areas of tissue restriction the treatment may consist of swedish massage techniques, manual lymphatic drainage, cranial osteopathy  and low level laser application to aid in helping the body to heal and become more balanced.

Assessment/treatment  £60   1 hour

Follow up treatment   £35-50   ½-¾ hour