Pilates may be taken in either group classes or private tuition. It is a series of exercises designed to balance the body through strengthening and stretching and improve body awareness. Classes and sessions are adapted to suit the individuals and it is important to have the right fit in a class.

Sessions are designed to gradually progress in level and intensity to continually challenge the body. It may be adapted to suit any current injuries or conditions.

Mat or small equipment Pilates classes available. Please see Timetable for class schedule.

It is advisable if you have current back or neck complaints to initially book in for a private session.

I can then assess what level of group class would be most appropriate.

Classes are led from the front as visual learning is a very effective teaching method and corrections are applied verbally unless manual correction is required. As with any exercise, strength and positioning improve with continued attendance in the class.

All classes are taught by a Certified Pilates Instructor and Movement Therapist with over 15 years experience in the industry.



Group Classes (maximum of 12 persons)  £35-45 per five week block. Dependant on location.

Private tuition One to one       £40 1 hour 

                                                           £30  ¾ hour

                                                           £20  ½ hour