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You are important and making time to ensure you remain able to be present and active in the life you have created is very necessary. Having recently come to the decision that on top of the  daily wear contact lenses I have required for years, I now need reading glasses! My instant reaction was ‘not yet’.

I struggled on for a few months squinting away at the computer/iPhone screen thinking I could get by a little longer without them. On a recent flight, I purchased some reading glasses from the in flight magazine. I know what you are thinking-exciting holiday purchase (not!!)

It struck me at that moment that I had done what most patients who come to see me do. Wake up one day with a niggling pain and think-I am too busy to deal with this, it will get better.

Sound familiar?

When I put the glasses on and began to read a book on my iPhone, it was so much clearer and all the tension around my eyes and face from straining to see had almost instantly gone.

Invest in your body, give it what it needs and most of all, come out the other side of dealing with it and enjoy the new found comfort and ease.

Move Well x


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