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Why I love what I do

Every day presents a new challenge. I enjoy helping people to understand more about their own body and the ways they can help themselves feel and move better.


Nicole and the AiM method helped me realign my body and regain balance. Now I am out of pain and moving again. Thank you so much!
~ Sue
Movement Specialist & Pilates Instructor
The tools I use to help you

Clinical Massage Therapist

Massage, Fascial Work, Scar tissue work, Low level laser treatment, Craniosacral work

Pilates Instructor

Private tuition & Classes. Matwork and Equipment infused for enhancing the workout

Movement Specialist

Exercise prescription for the individual. 3 dimensional corrective exercise to fit into your day easily

Anatomy in Motion

In depth assessment and cutting edge techniques to improve your quality of life
Taking time to treat the person and not the condition..
Class schedule as of January 2020

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